MasterCard and Visa Slots Online

Welcome to the world of Visa/MasterCard online casino. Visa and MasterCard are the two card companies that issue credit cards and are used by millions of people around the world. These cards are very easy to obtain and use also. There are many credit card accepted online casino sites available in the web world. and are best credit card accepted casino sites to name and, are the best no download online casino sites that accept Visa and MasterCard credit cards. Happy Playing!

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About Visa Card

Visa is the brand name for the company Visa Inc. Visa is a global payment technology. The company has the headquarters in San Francisco, California. This system facilitates the electronic fund transfer all over the world. This process is basically carried out through the credit or debit cards. Visa does not directly issues cards or decides any rate to the customers, but it provides the banks or financial institutions Visa branded payment system, which they in turn offers in the form of debit, credit or prepaid cards. Visa is a well known name worldwide and holds about 38% of market place for credit cards in the US. Visa also has about 60% market share for the debit card in the US. This report is according to the Nilson Report in 2008. According to the reports, in 2009 the global network system of Visa, known as VisaNet, has processed 62 billion transactions which is a total volume of 4.4 trillion USD. Visa has a wide horizon all over the world. The operation of the company is expanded across Asia-Pacific, North, South and Central America, Caribbean along with Central and Eastern Europe. Visa also has its operation in Africa and Middle East as well.

About Mastercard

MasterCard is a popular name in the bank and finance services industry. This is basically a payment processing body in between the merchant and the bank or credit unions. This name is a very popular name worldwide. There are very few people in the world who are not familiar with this name. The company was found in the year 1966 and the headquarters is in Harrison, New York. MasterCard was originally known as MasterCharge was launched as the competitor to the BankAmericard of Bank of America. This card is widely acceptable throughout the world. This is basically a credit card option for the customers. The company is not directly associated with the consumers. The card is available to the consumers via banks or financial institutions. It actually works as the middle man between the merchants and the bank to process the payments. This has a wide acceptance in the whole world. The card has brought revolution in the online shopping. In association with an internet company MasterCard has introduced a Web Shopping Mall where people can shop with ease using their MasterCard. The online shopping site is known as MasterCard Market Place. Many big and multinational banks are associated with the MasterCard.

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