Casino dice

Casino dice

10% Discount applied automatically at checkout Casino dice cheap Odds bets are made in addition to the Pass, Don’t Pass, Come or Don’t Come bets. Pass and Don’t Pass odds bets are placed by the player and Come and Don’t Come odds bets are placed by the dealer at the request of the player. The Odds bet can be taken once a point is made on the first roll or a come point on a succeeding roll. You win if the point or come points are made before a 7. The payout odds on the Pass and Come are the same as Buy Bets. The payout odds on the Don’t Pass and Don’t Come are the same as Lay Bets.

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Free Shipping On Custom Orders Over $45.00 Create my account 19MM(3/4") Dice is chunkier and a bit heavier than their 16mm siblings, it make excellent, easy-to-read game dice, particularly for tabletop games requiring 1 to 3 dice. We have both straight and round style for choice. This is also the size of dice that are used in casinos.

New Red 19mm Grade A Precision Dice w/Matching Serial #s PACK OF 5

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Casino style dice
When players get a 2, 3 or 12 during a come-out roll, any bets placed on the pass line will lose. Bets on the don’t pass line will win, although the 12 or 2 may be a push depending on the casino’s rules for the craps table. The upside of shooting craps is that you’ll get another shot at rolling the dice. Always gamble responsibly, and don't waste your money.__________________________

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